FLATE Celebrates Women International Day supporting Women in STEM at Seminole Middle School

While Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professions are becoming more inclusive, women entering these traditionally male-dominated fields can still benefit from some extra support and motivation.

 To celebrate the accomplishments of Women in STEM and to inspire younger generations to pursue careers in STEM, FLATE joined a group of female STEM professionals from throughout Pinellas County who attended the “Women in STEM” Breakfast at Seminole Middle School in Largo on March 8th.

Nearly 115 young female 6th and 7th-grade students and over 20 female STEM professionals met during a very interactive meet-and-greet style breakfast. During this event, students had the opportunity to interview women from many different of STEM careers and learn their pathways into STEM professions, various career options, and their incredible adventures along the way. The breakfast event was sponsored by  Mardi Bessolo, Bessolo Design Group, inc., and Honeywell International Inc.

  •  All these ladies they’re so inspiring and maybe I will do something in engineering or something else to help everyone else too,” commented 6th grader Grace McCullough.
  • “Women can be capable of a lot of things like men can. It’s just important that we learn about it,” added student Jaylen Terrance.

FLATE wants to thank all the female professionals who participated and Michael McCullough, Industrial, Technology, Agriscience and Public Service Education Resource Teacher with Pinellas County Schools, for planning this successful “Woman in STEM” Celebration. FLATE has served as a leading resource in formulating strategic STEM initiatives for engaging and retaining girls in STEM.  We must work diligently to continue sparking young females’ interest in STEM subjects as early as elementary school and keep them interested and excited. As they grow up, we need to continue to support them with accessible opportunities and mentoring.

For more information about FLATE and available resources visit FLATE.org and MadeinFlorida.org/Girls STEM Resources.

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