Federation for Manufacturing Education (FAME) in Florida

Advanced Manufacturing Technicians (AMTs) are trained to be prepared for an accelerated career in maintenance upon graduation, but graduates seeking to continue their education can enroll in an advanced manufacturing business bachelor’s degree program that is fully aligned with FAME and delivered through our national partner Northwood University. AMT graduates can also pursue engineering or engineering technology bachelor’s degrees at the school of their choice.

The Federation for Manufacturing Education (FAME) provides global-best workforce development through strong technical training, integration of manufacturing core competencies, intensive professional practices, and intentional hands-on experiences to build the future of modern manufacturing industry. The program was developed by Toyota over a decade ago to define a pipeline of skilled advanced manufacturing technicians. Today, the FAME program is an initiative of the Manufacturing Institute, which is part of the National Association of Manufacturers. (NAM).

FAME AMT students are enrolled in an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science Degree program at a technical or community college called Advanced Manufacturing Technician. Today over 400 students enrolled in 32 chapters at 32 community or technical colleges with 400 very engaged industry partners across 12 states. They will gain experienced within a modern, advanced manufacturing floor environment and develop a multifaceted technical skillset. The practice areas include electricity, robotics, fluid power, mechanics, automation, fabrication, and an associate degree of between 60-79 credit hours plus 1800 hours of on-the-job training. The manufacturing core competencies are taught using Manufacturing Core Exercises (MCE) using the “Learn It, Do It, Apply It, and Tell it” Both at the college and at the workplace.

The 5-semester cohort program begins with a summer of work at a FAME employer. During the fall and spring academic terms, AMT student are in class 2 days per week and working 3 days per week at their FAME employer. Prior to starting the program, students must apply to the program and once accepted into the program, that accepted applicants interview with the FAME chapters Industry partners and hired by one. Students are then hired directly by one of the companies and begin the AMT program as part-time employees in training. Typically, the industry partners work together to endorse the curriculum, help recruit the student applicants, and agree on a common pay scale that can cover most or all the educational costs, including tuition, fees, and tools.

In 2021, Daytona State College in Daytona Beach started the first FAME chapter in Florida. The Sunshine Chapter startup was delayed a year due to the pandemic with nine students and eleven local manufacturers. A second FAME cohort at Daytona had its signing day last month and is starting their jobs with their FAME employers this summer. A second Florida FAME chapter is currently being established by industry in the region served by Gulf Coast State College (GCSC). Both programs are built on the A.S. Engineering Technology Advanced Manufacturing Specialization. With industry support, the FAME program providing 1,800 on-the-job training could be quickly started up at any of the colleges in Florida offering the A.S. Engineering Technology. 

For more information about FAME, visit the website (https://fame-usa.com/) or contact Dr. Marilyn Barger.

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