BizBots: It’s about Business, It’s about Robotics

written by Ken Fiallos, P.E. & FLATE Technical Project Coordinator

The BizBots project is a new team-based business and robotics competition designed in conjunction with Hillsborough County Public Schools. BizBots emphasizes both business acumen and engineering principles by having students design a robotic Pick & Place system for fulfilling commercial processing tasks.

The BizBots program is divided into three components. The first is an entrepreneurial/business portion where students will develop a business plan outlining the design, set-up and implementation of their robotically operated business. Special attention will be paid to each team’s ability to accurately forecast the output potential of their business. The second component is an introduction to the engineering process. Students will become familiar with modern manufacturing CNC equipment and software design tools, as well as proper project management and documentation techniques in the context of developing their Pick & Place robot. The third and final component is where the students’ hard work and planning culminates in a one day robotics competition. Students will put their business plan and robotic designs to the test by competing in a 16-team event with the goal of producing and delivering commercial product orders.

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