Titanium Bone Screws Focus of Rotary Broach Plant Tour

contributed by Polygon Solutions

Polygon Solutions Inc., one of FLATE’s industry partners in Fort Myers, FL, is a manufacturer of rotary broach tools for the precision machining industry focused on medical and aerospace parts. Polygon first entered the rotary broach market with an award winning tool holder, and continues to innovate with new tooling for manufacturing hexagon and six-lobe forms in titanium bone screws. These new tools were featured at the recent plant tour for the Southwest Regional Manufacturers Association (SRMA).

Polygon’s advancements with rotary broach technology have continued with a new Micro size rotary broach holder for machining small shapes using Swiss type CNC machines and lathes. The innovative design of the tool holders includes sealed bearings for easy maintenance and pressure relief holes for smoother machining operations. However, the main interest of this year’s tour was the broaches used for machining Titanium fasteners and bone screws.

Polygon has been making the cutters out of high speed steel, a very hard substrate that resists wear and chipping. The company currently offers M-2, M-42, PM M-4 and PM T-15 varieties for machining different materials. Peter Bagwell, a Product Engineer for the company, was asked about which materials are used for broaching bone screws, and explained how the choice of substrate material depends on the method of broaching. Bagwell also talked about a new rotary broach material the company is researching.

The demand for rotary broach tools is growing as more exotic materials are being used to make innovative aerospace and medical device fasteners. Polygon is working with bone screw manufacturers to help them choose the right method of broaching in addition to the selecting the right tools. Polygon specializes in standard hexalobular (or Torx-type) rotary broaches in addition to custom shapes and sizes. The six-lobe ISO standard hexalobular form is currently the most popular.

Polygon Solutions has hosted an open house with the SRMA for two years in a row, and was one of the
industry tour hosted for the manufacturing day in Florida tours organized by FLATE in 2013. “We value the partnership with our local customers and suppliers and are happy to bring them in and show them what we’re offering,” says Bagwell. We also maintain healthy relationships with other organizations like the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) and the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA). The company believes participation in each of these networks is key to remaining the leader in rotary broach technology.

Polygon is a newer member to the SRMA, which boasts a wide variety of manufacturing business. “Many people move here and move their businesses her due to the great lifestyle Southwest Florida has to offer,” says Bagwell. “However, the exposure to the growing number of innovative medical and aerospace companies is really making it an attractive place for all manufacturers.”

For more information on Polygon visit http://www.polygonsolutions.com, or contact Peter Bagwell, rotory broach product engineer at peter@polygonsolutions.com, or 239.628.4800. For information on FLATE, or to host/organize a tour for Manufacturing Day in Florida on Oct. 3, 2014 visit www.madeinflorida.org/manufacturingday

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