SkillsUSA Florida Mechatronics Competition

Steve Cercone, from Bluegrass Educational Technologies, is the new Chair for the Florida SkillsUSA
Mechatronics Competition. Cercone is looking for competitors to register for this year’s SkillsUSA state competition in April. The following is a description of the competition:

SkillsUSA competition requires contestants to understand the new industrial discipline of "mechatronics," the ability to understand complex systems that integrate various elements in the mechanical, fluid power, and controls domain, combined with the ability to work in a team environment with people of different areas of expertise. Mechatronic specialists must therefore have well development skills in pneumatic technology, electrical and electronics systems, mechanical systems and general automation techniques and practices, including systematic troubleshooting methods. This competition consists of three events designed to measure the skills required in the modern automated manufacturing environment. Contestants will be required to assemble, adjust and test an automated machine system, troubleshoot and repair a faulty machine system and take a
comprehensive written test. The contest elements have been designed to be as realistic as possible, closely resembling the tasks and activities of modern automation professionals. High school teams of two will compete in a construction phase and a troubleshooting phase. In addition, there will be an individual oral interview.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Steve Cercone at  813.413-7836, or

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