sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #44: Santa Workshop special Edition

The answer to lastmonth's puzzle will be discussed next year (And, I know you can all hardly wait). Meantime, here is some breaking news. 

Technicians at the Santa Workshop are, as expected, working overtime for the next couple of weeks.
  One of the tasks is to determine the red light luminescence of a particular reindeer's nose.  The Elf in charge of this measurement presented the data below to Santa for an additional professional opinion.  The light meter used to test the reindeer's "nose glow" is sensitive to all the colors in the rainbow but particularly sensitive to red light at Christmas time. The meter is also battery powered so that the Elf can go into the forest behind the workshop at night to find the reindeer and then make the measurements.  Both Santa and the Elf know that red light has a long wavelength.  Both Santa and the Elf also checked to confirm that Rudolph is in perfect health.   (In addition, both Santa and the Elf made an eye doctor's appointment for Rudolph so he could really play in those reindeer games.) Finally, both Santa and the Elf (as they listened to their favorite Christmas Gene Autry ballad) knew the correct answer for this month's special puzzle question!! 

The battery in the light meter needs to be changed. Yes or No. Submit your answers below the blog post, or on

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