Get Connected with FLATE’s Social Networking Platforms & Web Conferencing Tools

FLATE’s social networking platforms have been an effective vehicle in communicating with a wide range of stakeholders in Florida and across the nation. Currently FLATE maintains a highly interactive and vibrant presence on various social networking sites that include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These social media tools have given the Center an opportunity to provide and share timely news with FLATE’s statewide and national stakeholders.

FLATE is actively engaged with followers and friends alike on Facebook and Twitter, but our most recent foray into the world of social networking has been on LinkedIn. FLATE has two accounts on
LinkedIn. A profile page which works similar to a personal account and a Company page which aligns with communications initiatives of most professional organizations. The LinkedIn Company Page which was formerly the ET Degree Group page was initially designed exclusively for graduates of the engineering technology program, but now is inclusive of faculty, manufacturers/industry, and/or anyone involved in manufacturing and engineering technology education or training. The overarching idea for the Company page is to steer away from one way communication, to create a more inclusive commonplace for our stakeholders to actively interact with each other.

The transition from the group to the company page has not only broadened our reach, but given us an added benefit in gauging demographics of our followers, and providing us with additional insight about the effectiveness of our posts and impact of the content that we share online with our stakeholders and followers. On our LinkedIn company page, we post job opportunities, announcements, share our online newsletter, post manufacturing and/or engineering technology related news, or anything that is projected to help current students, alumni, educators and also our industry stakeholders in Florida and across the nation. We invite all our stakeholders to follow us on LinkedIn company page.

In keeping with current Web 2.0 trends, FLATE also maintains a presence on Facebook. If you haven’t
connected with us already, do like our page You may also have spotted our tweets   and retweets on Twitter where we are actively engaged with a broad base of state and national stakeholders. Twitter has also been an effective vehicle in generating interest in some of our internal communications campaigns like the monthly newsletter hashtags, or statewide campaigns such as the one for #‎FLMFGMonth15 (statewide) ‪#‎MFGDay15 (national). You can follow our Tweets on Twitter @Made_InFlorida.

Aside from FLATE’s social networking platforms, FLATE has also implemented some changes in our web conferencing tools. FLATE now uses Skype for Business for all web conferencing purposes. We hope the switch from Blackboard Collaborate to Skype will offer our stakeholders a better web conferencing experience and enable greater participation from online/remote participants during FLATE meetings.

For more information on our social networking platforms and web conferencing tools contact Janice Mukhia, communications manager at, and Danielly Orozco, curriculum coordinator for FLATE at

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