Nature Coast Technical High School Students Take a Leading Step in Getting Industry Certified

Industry certifications offer students and production workers a value added credential to their
educational and professional portfolio. Across the board there is a greater emphasis to connect programs to a nationally-accredited certification that gives students and incumbent employees the opportunity to get industry certified. In Florida, several schools at the secondary and post-secondary level have taken the step to embed industry-recognized certifications into their curriculum framework. The engineering and manufacturing program at Nature Coast Technical High School in Brooksville is one of many schools in Florida that has embedded training/curriculum for students to earn the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification. The MSSC CPT offers manufacturing production workers the opportunity to demonstrate they have mastered the skills increasingly needed in the high-growth, technical jobs of the 21st century.

The engineering & manufacturing department at Nature Coast Technical High School features the production technology program framework. “While a student can certainly explain their abilities to a potential employer, a certification is evidence that they have achieved adequate knowledge in key areas” says Ed Fry, who is the engineering and manufacturing instructor at Nature Coast Technical High School. The program offers students the opportunity to work toward the Safety and Quality unit certificates in their first level, Manufacturing Processes & Production certificate in their second level, and the Maintenance certificate in their third level.

Fry is a big proponent for his students to get tested and industry certified. The program, which
currently has 71 students (grades 9-12) enrolled, boasts of high student success rate in earning the MSSC CPT. In the 2014-2015 school year, 12 students attained their full CPT certification. Of these students, eleven were graduating seniors and one was a junior.  Additionally, 20 students earned their Safety certificate; 32 students earned the Quality certificate; 12 students earned the Manufacturing Processes & Production certificate, and 10 earned their Maintenance certificate. “I am hopeful that this certification will help them in attaining employment as well as providing them potential college credits (15) toward an Engineering Technology associate degree” Fry said.

The MSSC System awards the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification to new and incumbent
workers who pass the four manufacturing-related modules: Manufacturing Processes and Production; Quality Assurance; Maintenance Awareness; and Safety. Applicable to all sectors of manufacturing, the MSSC System has the potential to certify millions of production workers against industry-recognized, federally-endorsed standards. FLATE in conjunction with the Florida Department of Education has developed a secondary program curriculum framework that is aligned with the MSSC skills standards. The articulation agreement allows high school students currently enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs in related areas that are aligned with MSSC Skills to have those credits applied to an A.S.E.T Degree anywhere in the state. For information on MSSC and the two year A.S. degree in engineering technology contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at, or visit and For more information on Nature Coast Technical High School’s engineering and manufacturing programs contact Ed Fry at ext 276

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