FLATE Manufacturers Display Case Request

FLATE has a fabulous, “Made in Florida” display cabinet showcasing parts and products made by companies right here in our state. The products are rotated periodically to keep the display “fresh.” We are in the process of developing lesson plans and activities which feature the parts and products on display. Please consider donating a sample of one of your products along with a little background information so we can include it.

The visuals these products provide are invaluable in bringing manufacturing to life in the eyes of students. We greatly appreciate your support of our efforts to educate students about the high-tech world of modern manufacturing and the many exciting career opportunities the industry offers.

Products should be mailed to:

Nina C. Stokes, Ed.S.
FLATE Project Manager
Florida Advanced Technological Education Center
Hillsborough Community College
10414 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33619
For information please contact Nina Stokes, FLATE project manager at 813.259.6587/nstokes@hccfl.edu.

Thank you!

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