sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #50: Special North Pole Addition

As if getting all those toys ready for q bright flight night this year is not enough, the elves had
to apply for a FAA Drone Dispensation document that allows Santa’s sleigh air space access in the big cities. To complete that application, one night the FDA stopped by the workshop to measure if Rudolf’s nose was bright enough for the seasonal flight. (The first page of their fifteen page report is provided below).

In addition, now that Rudolf is flying as the sled's guiding light he does get to play in all those reindeer games any time that he likes. Naturally, as you would expect of any self-respecting playful reindeer, Rudolf’s nose gets a bit dusty and the elves might have to polish that red nose to make sure it will shine so bright. Upon examination of the FDA report, the lead technician elf observed that there were two frequencies (blue and red) of light shown in the data. Now, without turning to the report’s page two, the elf knows if it is necessary to polish Rudolf’s nose.

Rudolf’s nose does not have to be polished. Yes or No. Post your answers to this special holiday edition of the sTEm puzzle below the blog post, or visit

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