Answer sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #50: Special North Pole Addition

The requirement on Rudolf's nose is straightforward; it has to meet a brightness minimal value so a good
polish is the first step to achieve that requirement. The only complication? The measurement indicated that Rudolf has a touch of blue in the glow of his red nose. Nevertheless, the elves expect their best practice polishing procedure will still let everyone say that it really glows.

From a learning perspective, the only (and admittedly missing in the original puzzle graph) information required is which of the spectrum peeks is the red light. That background knowledge needed is the fact that blue light is a higher frequency light. Of course, besides forcing the students to deal with a "double negative" answer, the puzzle provides another opportunity to review the properties of light which is always a valuable exercise for students to do.

Rudolf’s nose does not have to be polished.  Yes or No  

Answer: NO                                                                       

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