MSSC is Coming to Florida!

MSSC is coming to FL!  Leo Reddy, CEO of MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council) will
be in Florida this winter.  Together with Neil Reddy, MSSC Executive Director, or alone, Leo will be attending a number of Manufacturing events across the state. With the goal of engaging more industry with MSSC and broadening industry knowledge and endorsement of the credential and other industry validated credentials as important parts of the technical education process.

Florida ranks number 2 in the nation for the number of MSSC CPT (Certified Production Technicians) certified workers. FLATE initiated this journey in Florida with the alignment of the A.S. Engineering Technology technical core to the MSSC Skills and submitting the first statewide articulation agreement (as defined by the CAPE act) to the FL DOE back in 2007. Today, 19 colleges offer the ET Degree and nine high schools, one tech center and one college (as a PSAC program) offer the Automation and Production Technology (APT) High School Framework (also aligned to MSSC). According to the latest data provided by MSSC, there are currently 1665 CPT certified candidates, 15 full CPT authorized instructors, and 75 testing sites in Florida. Outlined below is a snapshot of total MSSC certificates that were issued for the state of Florida for CPT.

Anyone, including students in this technical high school program in Florida, can articulate 15 credits in the ET degree for a current MSSC certification.  The MSSC CPT also articulates to other A.S. degrees in Florida; please check the statewide articulation agreements available on the Florida Department of Education (FL DOE) website. Collateral benefits to this existing FLATE envisioned education infrastructure include MSSC training in non-academic programs as supported by grants from the Department of Labor. Many of these training-focused grants were awarded in Florida based on industry’s value of the certification as well as the clearly defined articulations of the training to credit-bearing academic programs that FLATE put into place throughout the state.

FLATE is arranging venues for Leo and Neil Reddy to speak with manufacturers and educators around the state.  Here are the starting entries for the list. Do mark your calendars for the dates and venues outlined below. 

If you are interested in hosting a MSSC discussion and/or presentation in a meeting (of any type) setting let us know. Leo and/or Neil Reddy are happy to engage manufacturers (primary audience), educators and other stakeholders. For more information contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, Executive Director of FLATE at, or visit

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