Answer for sTEM-at Work Puzzle #62

     Answer for sTEm-at Work Puzzle # 62:
          Grinch's Plan to Foil Santa's Trip Fails
Ok, I admit, this puzzle solution requires a tiny stretch in your reality gene.  But it was the season for that anyway. The evidence did support dismissal of the Grinch's law suit to stop Santa's flight and it was based on graphic provided below.  First, the altitude references and Santa's North Pole value is available from graph.  Second, the visual of the snack bags, (the ones the Grinch said Santa didn't put in his pack at the North Pole) are "puffed" up.  This, agree, could be for other reasons, but the higher elevation at Santa's first stop, in Denver, also means lower pressure so the snack bags would "puff" up.  In addition, the Jurors from Florida would know that the bags didn't come that "puffed" up.  (Again, granted that potato chip bags do seem to have more air in them than chips, but that a different story).
      So, puzzle follow up lessons; Other various graph reading themes where actual knowledge needed is not directly provided but is connected to data shown. (Every temperature sensor you can think of.)  Connection of data provided, its inferences, and other information or observations already available.   (In this case, higher altitude means lower pressure, longer mean free paths, and ideal gas behavior.)

This evidence is more than enough to prove Santa innocent.
yes                                                                    no

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