2018 BAMA Annual STEM Scholarship Awards Dinner

Every year, Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) hosts a Scholarship, STEM, and Awards dinner to support manufacturing education. This event highlights one of BAMA’s primary initiatives, which is to support education through scholarships and STEM programs. The BAMA Scholarship program helps provide financial assistance to deserving high school students and post-secondary students from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties who wish to attend college, or a technical education center to pursue a manufacturing or technology-related career.

During this year BAMA Awards dinner, participants were able to appreciate two cool robots from the Middleton high school robotics teams and meet and greet BAMA’s 2018 Science Fair winners and learn how the award will help them achieve their goal in a manufacturing discipline, whether it be engineering technology, or a skilled trade certification.

The 2018 Science Fair Winners are Cameron Cook "3D Printing Pinball Party"  Grade 7, St. Cecilia, Safety Harbor; and Carson Hamel, "Rangefinders and Temperature: Does Heat affect the Measurement?" Grade 12, Lakewood High, St. Petersburg.

2018 Scholarship & STEM Awards
Hillsborough Education Foundation: Darlesa Richardon, Keegan Suero, Chastity Hardwick-Veteran.
St. Petersburg College Foundation: Krismel Joy Ubas, Vinicius Fiabani, Megan Flanagn, Ricky Brumett-Veteran, Jeffrey Mathis-Veteran

he program also featured a special motivational guest speaker Sam Cila, an Iraq War combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient who's overcome severe injuries to become an elite-level endurance athlete and activist for veterans.

In addition to its regional support for Florida Manufacturing, BAMA has also been a strategic partner with FLATE in promoting manufacturing education. BAMA partnered with FLATE for Manufacturing Day-related efforts and has been one of the key sponsors for the FLATE summer robotics camps that play an integral role in stirring middle and high school students’ interest in robotics and learning about its applications in high-tech manufacturing.  For more information about Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) please visit their webpage here.  For more information on FLATE please visit our webpage here, or contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at barger@fl-ate.org.

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