Celebrate Deaf Awareness Week with the NSF ATE DeafTEC Center!

The last week of September is Deaf Awareness Week (also known as the International Week of the Deaf). The NSF-ATE community’s go-to resource for working with deaf and hard of hearing students is DeafTEC.  DeafTEC: Technological Education Center for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education National Center of Excellence. Its goal is to successfully integrate more deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals into the workplace in highly-skilled technician jobs in which these individuals are currently underrepresented and underutilized.  Check out these deaf and hard-of-hearing (deaf/hh) STEM professionals in manufacturing careers on our website at http://www.deaftec.org/stem/professionals.

For information on the best practices for teaching deaf/hh students, visit the DeafTEC website at www.deaftec.org/resources. If you are interested in hiring or are working with a deaf/hh individual­­­, you might be interested in the Working Together: Deaf & Hearing online course available at  http://workingtogether.deaftec.org/. This online course is designed to help employers develop the sensitivity and skills to communicate effectively with deaf and hard-of-hearing employees, enable deaf and hearing colleagues to work together more productively and assist in fostering a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion.
DeafTEC is housed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), one of the nine colleges of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY. The NTID was established in 1965 to reverse the long history of under-employment and unemployment among our nation’s deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens. Over 1,300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students are fully mainstreamed on RIT’s campus with 17,000 hearing students.

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