FREE!!! Online electromechanical lectures and lessons!

There are a lot of very good online resources for manufacturing and technology educators. on Big Bad Tech site,  there over 500 free online lectures and illustrated example problems for electro-mechanical (and related) technology courses.

Use these free materials to supplement face to face classroom instruction or textbook assignments. For one, Columbia Gorge Community College’s Electro-Mechanical Technology program has adopted a flipped classroom approach to teaching using this material. The online lectures are intended to accompany a regular hands-on workshop or lab where students work in a collaborative environment with the guidance of an instructor. Students using online lectures are able to rewind, revisit, and review any material they might have missed. Additionally, online lectures allow a degree of flexibility for non-traditional students with work or family obligations, or incumbent workers wishing to expand their skill set. The collection includes content for DC circuit analysis, hydraulics, single phase AC circuit analysis, motor control, motor drives, PLCs, and more. Lessons on 3 phase AC circuit analysis will be uploaded in the very near future.

There are also short learning animated online modules and learning objects on the same topics available at WISC-online: .  Enhance your courses and provide reinforcing resources in the multimedia formats your students love!

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