SOFWERX: What Is It And Why You Should Care

SOFWERX is a partner if the Doolittle Institute which was formed by the DoD designed to find innovative solutions to warfighter problems. SOFWERX is the local affiliate in Ybor serving the needs of Special Operations Command and Central Command. Innovative is the keyword. SOFWERX gets input directly from the warfighters in the field regarding practical issues they face and they try to engage the local community (or broader) to develop rapid solutions. Some of these can result in large scale production if the idea is sound and adaptable to the 'system requirements". Below is a sampling of current opportunities they have on the books.
The latter event involves SOCOM and partnering laboratories and the purpose is to discuss means of improving partnerships and incentives. While we realize this type initiative is not for everyone, it is for those innovators that may be involved or are looking to get involved as a DoD supplier.

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