Amalie Motor Oil Hosts the Hillsborough Manufacturing Alliance

The Hillsborough County Manufacturing Alliance was formed by the county several years ago to support local manufacturers with particular focus on their workforce needs.  Funding from the Alliance has been used to support infrastructure and equipment at local educational institutions (high schools and post-secondary), subsidized industry training, and promotion of Manufacturing Career pathways. Periodically, the Alliance meets visits local manufacturers.  This month the group visited the headquarters of Amalie Oil located on the deep-water port in Tampa. It’s the largest privately held independent blender of motor oils and industrial lubricants in North America. The state-of-the-art production facility has some of the fastest and most sophisticated bottle blow-molding, blending, and packaging equipment available.  Since its beginnings in 1903 in Pennsylvania, Amalie has been focused on innovation, quality and customer service.  
Amalie has expanded and now has facilities at the ports in Charleston, S.C. and in Los Angeles, CA. Together the facilities produce over 3000 distinct products that include a full line of automotive, fleet, industrial, and specialty lubricants and ship them to every state in the U.S. as well as over 100 countries.  Products support all levels of consumers from individual consumers to large industrial fleets and they are shipped in every size container imaginable from 8 oz bottle, 5-gallon buckets, to bulk containers and they travel the world by truck, rail and/or ship.  Since 1903, Amalie is truly...Better than they have to be! 
Amalie employees nearly 500 people, with the majority of them working directly in the production, processing and packaging of their oil and lubricant products.  They need highly-trained technicians to install, operate, maintain and repair their equipment. With automation and system integration being added to their facility on a regular basis, they need technicians with programming, communication and hands on electrical and mechanical skills.  The educational partners of the Hillsborough Manufacturing Alliance are committed to helping Amalie develop their local talent pipeline.

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