We Can Do It: Women in Manufacturing Event at Valencia College

Women's History Month — an annual, month-long celebration of the triumphs of women — serves as a potent reminder of the incredible gains women have accomplished through perseverance and courage. It also serves as inspiration for what women can do today and in the future. This month, Valencia College's Advanced Manufacturing program joined the celebration by hosting a women in manufacturing event at the College's Advanced Manufacturing Training Center (AMTC) on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

With Valencia staff, instructors and students, as well as community members and business leaders, comprising the audience, the event called those in attendance to arms — rallying those present to join Valencia in our commitment to honor the contributions of women in manufacturing and to create new educational and career opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry.
"Traditionally, March is a month in which we celebrate women's history," said Joe Lamberty, assistant director, AMTC. "This year, we are making a commitment to celebrate a very special group of women — women who are essential to the very fabric of Central Florida and this great country." Joe explained that, Valencia has graduated 68 women in manufacturing training programs at the AMTC, which opened in February 2016.
After opening with an applauded "go women power" remark, Commissioner Cheryl Grieb (District 4) noted the importance of fostering educational opportunities that increase and diversify Central Florida's skilled labor force “We no longer need to import those [manufacturing] skills," she said. "We're growing those skills right in our county."
Guest speaker Christian Davidson, director of marketing and communications for the Manufacturer's Association of Central Florida, and keynote speaker Bethany Vega, senior human resources business partner for Luminar Technologies, also spoke to the importance of inspiring girls and women to join the manufacturing industry. Bethany, who spoke about her own transition from military to civilian life and her commitment to supporting other transitioning veterans, especially female veterans, was also awarded a trophy in recognition of her passion, commitment and service. At the conclusion of the event, all attendees joined the event's hosts and speakers in signing a personal pledge to support women in manufacturing.

Wendy Jo Moyer, APR

Manager, Employee Communications
Office of Organizational Communication
T: 407-582-8124

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