Florida Council for Workforce Education (CWE)

Academic administrators from the Florida State and Community Colleges meet three times per year to share strategies and learn about updates from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).  They also work together to review and make recommendations to both the Florida College presidents and the FLDOE.  The Council of Presidents (COP) recognizes the several continuing subordinate councils as well as directs and monitors their work and the work of any subcommittees and ad hoc working groups. Typically, each college has one voting representative for each council. Additional college representatives can attend the meetings and participate in the working groups.

There are 4 recognized subordinate councils (to the COP) that are related to college academics and college students:

the Council for Instructional Affairs (CIA)
the Council for Student Affairs (CSA)
the Council for Learning Resources (CLR)
the Council for Workforce Education (CWE).

Each of these councils make independent recommendations for issues with respect to their specific focus. The Council of Workforce Education, for example, is, and always has been deeply engaged in the implementation of Perkins Laws as well as the Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act. Student success depends on student completions and smooth articulations to higher education and/or transitions to the workplace.

CWE currently has working groups to help identify solutions that will be amenable for all system colleges in several areas including how limited access programs are treated and coded, Perkins eligibility issues, A.S. to B.S articulations (local and statewide), developing a CTE Curriculum Framework for Science and Engineering, and appropriate General Education requirements for various A.S. degrees.  Most of this current work supports the upcoming Perkins V implementation plan for the state and the newly implemented statewide CTE Audit mandated by Governor DeSantis.

In 2019, Governor DeSantis ordered a statewide audit of all CTE programs focused on market demand and institutional performance that includes the following:

An analysis of alignment with certificate or degree programs offered at the K-12 and post-secondary levels;
An analysis of alignment with professional level industry certifications;
An analysis of alignment with high-growth, high-demand and high wage employment opportunities; and
A review of student outcomes such as academic achievement, college readiness, post-secondary enrollment, credential attainment and attainment of industry certifications.

The next phase of the Florida CTE Audit will involve local reviews at the institutional level with assessments in the same categories. CWE will be an important liaison between the colleges. A lot is happening in CTE around the country and in Florida. Florida’s Council for Workforce Education is playing an important role to keep implementation of these new federal and state requirements fair and equitable to all institutions and supportive of student success.

For more information about the Florida CTE Audit, visit the FLDOE Career Pathways website; and, for more information on Florida’s Perkins V Implementation, visit this site.  You can learn more about CWE on its shared website with the three other subordinate councils, www.fcscouncils.org.

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