Professional STEM Events for Students Seeking Careers

In order to promote the next generation of highly skilled workers, it is essential that students are given opportunities to talk to companies, learn about career pathways, and understand how choosing a career can be fulfilling. There is a plethora of outreach events coordinated by companies, organizations, and schools that allow students to connect with industry professions in order to learn about career pathways into STEM fields each year. Below are some of the amazing spring outreach events that had a great impact on students!

Tampa Bay Engineering Internship Alliance (TBEIA) 2020 Spring Engineering Mixer

The Tampa Bay Engineering Internship Alliance (TBEIA) is an industry driven organization whose goal is to offer internship and apprenticeship opportunities to students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, while meeting the demands for high skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. TBEIA is a community of industry representatives, manufacturers associations, engineering students, and colleges. To achieve their initiative, TBEIA invites their community to semi-annual Engineering Internship Mixers that occur in spring and fall each year.
TBEIA’s 2020 Spring Engineering Internship Mixer was a great success with approximately 60 students from colleges and high schools meeting four different local companies offering internships. The four companies actively seeking interns were Seal Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, McCormick Stevenson, and Custom Manufacturing & Engineering. Each company offered a short presentation to the students informing the audience of the company’s goals, products the company produces, what sectors of manufacturing the company serves, and the number of interns the company is looking to hire. Representatives from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Tampa Bay, and Kelly Engineering attended the event to show their support and provide information to students about their company or organization! After concluding the presentations, students mingled with company and organization representatives to ask questions, share their interests, and present their resumes.

TBEIA thanks all of their supporters for their internship events. Join TBEIA on their LinkedIn Group if you interested in attending or supporting a future Engineering Internship Mixer.

2020 Spring Sponsors and Partners

 10th Annual STEM Professional Association Event

The STEM Professional Association Event is held annually at Middleton High School in order to
promote k-12 student interest in STEM career pathways in the Tampa Bay area.  This year’s event had approximately 87 attendees consisting of students, parents, teachers, and industry personnel. Parents and students were able to learn more about career pathways, STEM fields, and student resources by meeting with teachers and connecting with STEM professionals who attended the event. In addition, guest speaker Brian Horvath, a Life Consultant from The Horvath Training Institute, talked about his career pathway and shared with students the “secret formula” to success.
The event concluded with Middleton High School’s Robotics Team showcasing three of their machines to the audience and Middleton High School presenting awards to Brian Horvath, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA), and Middleton High School’s Robotics Team Advisor.

Middleton High School sincerely thanks their sponsors for supporting the event.

TBEIA’s 2020 Spring Engineering Internship Mixer, which had 60 students in attendance, and the 10th Annual STEM Professional Association Event, that had 87 attendees overall, ended successfully with students being able to connect with industry personnel and be able to take a step into a career pathway. Students who attended TBEIA’s Engineering Internship Mixer were able to learn more about the companies that attended the event and the internships opportunities that are currently available. Meanwhile, the 10th Annual STEM Professional Association Event provided information to parents and students on career pathways and how to successfully achieve life goals. Both events received support from regional industries, colleges, and professional organizations which reveals just how important internship and career pathway outreach events are to the community in guiding the creation of the next generation of highly skilled workers. FLATE continues to actively support engaging our students with employers in all ways possible and as often as possible. It’s good for employers and it’s vital for students and their career planning.  Please contact Marilyn Barger ( if you would like to get involved with these activities.

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