LinkedIn Learning’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report

For the past four years, LinkedIn Learning has surveyed companies across the globe about learning in their organizations to understand what’s happening in their world; what is emerging.  The 2020 report that had responses from over 1,500 professionals, 2,000 working learners and nearly 3,000 managers reveals the biggest need is for “Soft Skills”, also known as employability skills, professional skills, and etc. Here is the list of the most “in-demand” Skills in 2020.

In “Table A: 2019-2020 LinkedIn Survey Top Skills”, you can see creativity remains the most highly desirable skill by the respondents and in “Table B: 2020 Top Ten Hard Skills”, most of the hard skills noted might be categorized under an information technology header.

An interesting analysis of what employees in different generations want to learn at this point of their careers is illustrated in the following chart.  This kind of information can help educators understand the motivating factors of their students in different generations. 

The full report also provides information about organizational support, how assessment and impact are monitored, and organizations growing “learning climate”.  It also includes interviews and insights from Learning and Development Professionals from several large global companies that reveal the growing importance of life-long learning for both the company itself and their employees. Download the pdf at Linkedin Learning website.

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