CNC Rocks Virtual Manufacturing Camp Video's now Available All Year

From Terry Iverson, President/Owner Iverson & Company ( and past Chairperson of FLATE’s National Visiting Committee.

After producing a live CNC manufacturing camp in Jacksonville, Florida before the pandemic, I felt inspired to do more to help young people understand the excitement of making things and careers possible in manufacturing. During the COVID19 pandemic all the CTE community struggled with home-based and remote learning instruction. With the thought of costs of shipping machines around the country, and the need for more virtual content I decided to embark on producing videos that could be used to augment CTE, Project Lead the Way and STEM curriculum. The initiative began by filming basic manufacturing and engineering concepts to simply expose those who just do not know of the connections between manufacturing and engineering and the relevance in the products we use in our everyday lives.

The videos are categorized into three sections: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This allows the viewer to gradually build from one section to the other.  Schools can subscribe annually for $500 to use what now has grown to over 22 videos and over a total of 4 hours. Interested in the videos? A school district can purchase a district-wide license for $1,500 and a company can do the same for $1,000.00.  

Watch the Sample video and learn more: or contact Terry Iverson,

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