MFG Month Exposes Students to Manufacturing Careers

MFG Day is a worldwide initiative, launched every year on the 1st Friday in October, with events to promote great careers in manufacturing to students!  In Florida, it empowers manufacturers and educators to come together to address Florida’s manufacturing workforce challenges.   By highlighting what modern manufacturing looks like as well as the many, high-wage careers available, we can help our Florida communities and future generations thrive. 

By opening their doors (virtually or in-person) to students and teachers during Manufacturing Day and Month, manufacturers can address the myths that the new generation has grown up believing by showing real life examples of manufacturing taking place! Many believe the misconceptions that the manufacturing working environment is subpar, doesn’t pay well or “requires you to be a master in STEM subjects”, contributing to the ongoing shortage of high skilled workers.  

The goal in Florida is to share the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging companies around the state to provide students, parents, teachers and community leaders with a behind-the-scenes look at their facilities.


School districts and educators can help to inspire the future manufacturing workforce by planning student experiences during MFG Month or at any time during the year. Educators, school counselors and parents serve as key decision-makers in helping students make educational and career choices and can also help students strike a connection between STEM-based subjects/concepts and how they are applied in real-world settings.

Every manufacturer that hosts a virtual or in person student and educator events helps to showcase the cool high-tech technologies, distinctive products and amazing careers in manufacturing.

Ready to host or take a tour? The first step is to contact your MFG Month coordinator. Click here to find the contact person for your region.


FLATE has developed a comprehensive marketing toolkit to help promote Manufacturing Day and Month on a local/regional level as well as an extensive portfolio of STEM-based resources.

  • FLATE Guide: Best Practices for Industry Tours - a step-by-step guide for planning an impactful student tour whether you are a host or a teacher
  • 'Get Ready for MFG Month' webinars on demand for industry hosts and educators
  • FLATE lesson plans, organized by grade level
  • “What is Manufacturing” - introduction to manufacturing flyer and presentation
  • MFG Month promotional graphics: posters, logos, flyers and presentations

To access these resources, visit

Tracking Results

FLATE surveys of students, educators and industry hosts after MFG Month tours show the impact of industry tours on students and allows manufacturers to understand how they can make a larger impact.

Student surveys show:

  • An 80% increase in consideration of a career in advanced manufacturing after the tour
  • 96% learned about new technologies used in advanced manufacturing industries
  • 96% became more aware of new information about careers and manufacturing jobs available in their community
  • 96% would recommend that other students have the opportunity to participate in MFG Day/Month

Industry Host survey responses:

  • 100% state that the tour was a good use of company time and resources
  • 58.8% stated five or more employees participated in hosting the tour
  • 68.8% stated they have hired students as interns and employees

Educator survey responses:

  • Approximately 98% stated that the tour helped them see how STEM subjects learned in school are put to work in high-tech industries.
  • 100% stated they would promote a career in advanced manufacturing to students. 
  • 100% also stated they would recommend other students have the opportunity of an industry tour. 
  • 100% also stated that they found the tour helpful in expanding their understanding of high-tech jobs and career opportunities in Florida.

What do Industry hosts, Educators and Students Say about MFG Month Tours?

       “Always worth giving back to the community and investing in the next generation. This tour was especially a good use due to the relevance of the class’s subject matter to our industry,” (Host)

       “These kinds of events change lives . . . doors are opened that these students have never walked through before and today some REALLY liked what they saw inside.” (Educator)   

'Loved the tour! Information was excellent and you could see the kids really thinking and enjoying. I even had a few tell me that this kind of work sounded way more interesting than they originally thought it would! (Educator)

       “I really like that you don’t need a college degree to work there and I also liked that the company itself gives classes and an opportunity to further careers.” (Student)

“I I liked being able to see a real working environment and what they get to do every day the people were very nice and they explained everything very well. Thank you.” (Student)

FLATE and FloridaMakes have partnered with manufacturers and educators across the state to celebrate MFG Day and Month every October since 2012.  Manufacturing Day and Month continues to make a tremendous impact in sparking awareness about STEM-related educational/career pathways in manufacturing. 

If you have questions or would like to share how your region coordinates Manufacturing Day and Month, contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at

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