Florida Trade at HCC Unveils Operation Success for Veterans

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) data shows that unemployment among veterans is higher than that of the civilian population. The DOL reported that the average unemployment rate for Veterans is 9%, including the 18-24 years old group that lingers above 20% unemployment. Similarly, The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America reported that of a snapshot of 4000 of their members 16% were unemployed. Of these, 33.8% were unemployed longer than a year and more than 17% have been unemployed for more than two years. 

In response to this challenge faced by veterans and military personnel in transition, Florida Trade at
HCC has unveiled a new program called “Operation Success”, an intensive 90 day program consisting of activities to help veterans in their pathway to a smoother transition. The objective of the program is to encourage veterans to use their transition time effectively by:  matching transferable skills, reinforcing skills with new training, and exposing the veteran to the right manufacturing facility increasing their marketability.  “Operation Success” consists of three stages: “Meet Your Employer” tours, the Engineering Technology Support Specialist training and employability support.

The first stage, “Meet Your Employer” provides participants with the opportunity to visit manufacturing facilities of prospective employers in the area.  The visit helps educate program participants about manufacturing and the many different opportunities manufacturing companies can offer.   The tour consists of a “meet & greet” with corporate officers, video and informational presentations by the host company about their products and economic impact, as well as, a tour of the facility with key personnel.

The second stage will allow the successful participants within 90 days of starting the program earn certificates in:
  •  Engineering Technology Support Specialist
  • Certified Production Technician credential from the Manufacturing Skills council
  • OSHA 30 general industry certification
  • Auto Cad certification
The knowledge base that the veteran will acquire in this short span of time includes: Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation, Introduction to Quality, Auto CAD for Engineering, Electronics, Industrial Safety, and Manufacturing Processes and Materials.  Successful completion of the program allows the participant to transfer 18 credits college credits towards the AS degree in Engineering Technology.

Simultaneously, while the participant is engaged in the skill-building program, the third stage will
market the participant’s resume to partner manufacturers as well as distributed throughout the local manufacturing associations.  One of the program’s goals is to place as many participants as possible within the local industry matching skills with local manufacturing needs.  Participant’s resume will also be marketed to Florida Trade consortium members throughout Florida as well as entered in the Employ Florida Market place system where employers can search for skilled, qualified candidates.

The next “Operation Success “training will be starting in January and the next “Meet Your Employer” tour will be held in October. Should you wish to join us either as a participant or manufacturer partner please do not hesitate to contact us at www.FLtradeHCC.com or mgarcia147@hccfl.edu and kmiller18@hccfl.edu

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