sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #42 Oldie but Goldie Series: Pressure Indication Unbound Oxygen

A biomedical technician understands the information shown in the graph below. She understands that the plotted data indicates the percentage of hemoglobin, or the percentage of myoglobin molecules that have bound oxygen. The tech knows that Myoglobin is an oxygen-binding protein found in the muscle tissue while hemoglobin is an oxygen binding protein found in the blood stream and that both of these molecules get oxygen that is dissolved in the blood stream. The Tech also knows that the higher the pressure of oxygen in the blood stream, the more oxygen is available to be bound to either of these molecules. Finally, the tech knows that a myoglobin molecule's bond with oxygen is a stronger bond than the hemoglobin molecule's bond with oxygen. Thus, the tech knows which curve is the myoglobin curve and which curve is the hemoglobin curve. 

Did the Tech label curve (b) as the myoglobin plot? YES or NO. Post your answers below the blog post, or at   


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