Introducing FAITE

Florida has a lot of industrial and manufacturing offerings, but due to the size of state it can be hard
to keep track of all of the amazing technical advancements. For classroom instructors it can be very difficult to keep instruction and laboratories up to date and ready to produce the workforce needed to compete in a global market. One of the best resources for teachers is other teachers who are passionate about technology and the industry they know best. The Florida Association for Industrial and Technical Educators (FAITE formerly FATIE) is a non-profit professional organization, which works collectively toward the advancement and enhancement of technical and industrial education throughout Florida.

The Florida Association for Industrial and Technical Educators (FAITE) is a division of the 
Florida Association for Career and Technical Educators (FACTE). Division members are instructors at the secondary and postsecondary levels, as well as university professors who prepare students for careers in a variety of trades, including carpentry, masonry, electrical and construction management; automotive technology; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; computer-aided drafting and manufacturing; and cosmetology. FAITE’s mission is to support classroom teachers by promoting best practices, offering continuing education credit, industry tours, and informative articles and resources on the FAITE website.

Membership in FAITE is open to all Industrial & Technical educators who are members of FACTE.  Many districts are institutional or PLC members of FACTE and instructors only have to pay the $25 division fee to be a member of FAITE. 

The FAITE Division is aligned with the following career clusters: 

•    Architecture and Construction
•    Arts, A/V Technology and Communications  
•    Energy
•    Information Technology
•    Manufacturing
•    Transportation, Distribution and Logistics  

Over the past year, FAITE members have assembled technical articles and classroom resources for
publication on the FAITE website Visit the site for the latest news and best practices from your fellow professionals. Learn what is new and trending in our industries and how to implement these techniques in the classroom. If you want to share your classroom knowledge and best practices please submit your ideas to be included in the resource pages. On the websites are links to several organizations that support classroom instruction including the career and technical student organization SkillsUSA. Participation in SkillUSA is great way for students and teachers to connect with industry and compete in the SkillsUSA Championships at the local, state and national levels.

For more information on FAITE and/or technical and industrial education throughout Florida visit the FAITE website, or contact Alan Lynch, president of FAITE at ext.7022652. 

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