BAMA Annual STEM Scholarship Awards

Every year, Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) hosts a Scholarship, STEM, and Awards dinner to support manufacturing education. This event highlights one of BAMA’s primary initiatives, which is to support education through scholarships and STEM programs. The BAMA Scholarship program helps provide financial assistance to deserving high school students and post-secondary students from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties who wish to attend college, or a technical education center to pursue a manufacturing, or technology-related career.

This year, BAMA recognized the winners of the 2017 BAMA Scholarships, Science and Engineering Fair winners, and many more STEM programs. The event also provided attendees a chance to meet the scholarship winners, and learn how the award will help them achieve their goal in a manufacturing discipline, whether it be engineering technology, or a skilled trade certification. Attendees also got a chance to watch the winners of the science fair present their projects.

During the science fair winner’s demonstrations, FLATE supported Dariya Bagley, one of the Hillsborough County middle school award winners, with her project “Reliable Robot to Robot Communicator Using Sensors.” She used a NAO robot to provide examples of her programming skills.

There were a total of 14 Awards & Recognitions: Five BAMA Science/STEM Fair Winners (K-12 students), and nine BAMA Scholarships awards. The program also featured two keynote speakers: Randy Houseman and Johnny Campbell. BAMA ended the evening by reflecting on all the positive achievements of the past year with the association and looked forward to future initiatives. 

In addition to its regional support for Manufacturing, BAMA has also been one of FLATE's strategic partners in promoting manufacturing education. In 2016, BAMA partnered with FLATE for Manufacturing Day-related efforts and has been one of the key sponsors for the FLATE summer robotics camps that play an integral role in stirring middle and high school students’ interest in robotics and learning about its applications in high-tech manufacturing. For more information about Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) please visit their webpage here. For information on FLATE please visit our webpage here, or contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at

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